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Can you swim with Achilles tendonitis?

Updated: May 27, 2023

Yes, you can swim with Achilles tendonitis or tendinopathy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Depending on how sensitive or irritated your tendon currently is, you may have to adapt what you do in the pool. Here are some things that our patients find useful. Remember, if you need more help with your Achilles injury, you're welcome to consult one of our team via video call.

Swimming with Achilles tendonitis.

We also made a video about this:

Benefits of swimming with Achilles tendinopathy/tendonitis

Swimming is a safe and excellent way of maintaining your cardiovascular fitness when you have Achilles tendonitis, because it doesn't load the tendon. It doesn't specifically help or strengthen the tendon itself, but it can help the rest of your body to stay fit and healthy, which will positively impact your return to running and other activities.

Top tips for swimming with Achilles tendonitis:

  1. Don't kick off the wall too fiercely. When you push yourself away from the wall with the ball of your foot, you load/use your Achilles tendon, and this can often irritate it when you have tendonitis.

  2. Don't jump into the shallow end of the pool. The shallower the water, the more of your weight goes through your Achilles tendon when you jump in and the more likely you are to irritate it.

  3. If you also have heel bursitis or retrocalcaneal bursitis in conjunction with Achilles tendinopathy, then vigorous kicking can further irritate the bursa. It may be better to swim with a pool buoy between your legs until the bursa has calmed down.

  4. Fins can often irritate an injured Achilles tendon if it presses directly on the injured area. It may be best to avoid swimming with fins until your tendon has fully recovered.

How we can help

Need more help with your Achilles injury? You’re welcome to consult one of the team at TMA online via video call for an assessment of your injury and a tailored treatment plan.

The Treat My Achilles Team

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