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Steph Davies

MSc Sports & Exercise Medicine, BSc Physiotherapy

Steph has a Master’s Degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine and has fifteen years' experience as a physiotherapist. She has a wealth of experience treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries, having worked at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the Defence Military Rehabilitation Centre, as well as in premiership rugby, private practices and the UK National Health Service. She has also worked for county and community club rugby teams, at the London 2012 Olympics and at tennis and basketball sports events.

Working in the military as well as premiership rugby honed Steph’s diagnostic skills as these environments, in addition to regular sports injuries, often produced quite complex cases. It further taught her how to work in the most efficient way to get injuries, such as Achilles tendinopathy, better as quickly as possible and ready for arduous physical activity through creating robust rehab programmes so that army cadets and players could get back to training without delay. “Having worked under time pressure to get injuries better as quickly as possible for cadets to continue their training as opposed to being taken off the course and for professional rugby players to get back on the field now stands me in good stead when injured runners and other sportspeople ask me for help in reaching their normal levels of performance within a short turnaround time.”


She enjoys running and has clocked a sub 20-minute 5km personal
best. She also grew up playing competitive tennis at a national
level. "I would be training eight to ten hours a week, then playing
tournaments at weekends. I know about the blood, sweat and tears
it takes to compete at a sport, and the utter heartbreak when
someone tells you that your injury needs 'rest'. In fact, getting
injured is what led me to becoming a physiotherapist. At TMA we
make sure that part of every rehabilitation programme we provide
includes a carefully considered training programme to maintain as
much strength and fitness as possible, as well as graded rehab
progressions all the way through to getting back to your sport."

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Video's by Steph:

Steph has been practising as a physio since 2005.


  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

  • MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine

  • APPI Pilates Pre & Post-Natal & Mat Work 1


Memberships and Registrations:

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