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Dr Caroline Marlow, Injury and Pain Psychologist

Caroline Marlow

PhD., C.Psychol., AFBPsS, (HCPC Registered)​

Caroline is a personable and practical Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist specialising in injury and pain. 


With a 25-year career as a consultant, university lecturer, and published researcher, she understands:

  • How devastating injury and pain can be for active people.

  • How important it is for you to get back to being active, training and beyond.

  • How important it is to understand your situation and to find the solutions that will work for you.  

Whom does she help?

You, if you:

  • Have ANY musculoskeletal injury or pain that’s not due to a disease. Including; fractures, sprains, strains, joint pain, chronic pain (pain of 3 months+), tendonitis, osteoarthritis …

  • Are 16 years+.

  • Live in/will access the service from the UK/Ireland.

  • Do not have an untreated mental health concern.

  • Want to understand and take control of your recovery.


How does she help?


  • Knowledge is power: Caroline uses the latest pain science to help you understand how your brain and body work together to either help or slow your recovery. This will: answer your questions, help you worry less, and give you hope.

  • Then, psychology to help you take back control of your recovery: to help you make the changes in what you do, think, and feel, that will give you the best chance of getting back.


She offers a free, 15-minute, online ‘Can I Help You’ chat, where you can outline your situation and ask any questions about her support.


In your Starter Consultation, you can tell Caroline everything you want to about your injury and pain: what the health professionals have said, how it affects you and your life, and everything else you know from living with it.


Together, you will then use the latest pain science to make sense of what is happening inside you, and to work out what you can do to help recovery.


Exactly how Caroline then helps depends on what you need. But typically she would help you:

  • To move more and better: Reduce reinjury worries and flare-up frequency and intensity.

  • To change to the positive, helpful ways of thinking that improve recovery.

  • To reduce unhelpful worries and negative emotions that slow recovery. 

  • To build practical, positive strategies into your everyday life so that you can move forward positively, with purpose.


Everyone’s injury and pain is different, but often, she helps people make substantial changes within 3-5 x 1-hour sessions. She works very predominantly online, and can work alongside your trusted physio to ensure co-ordinated support.


  • PhD Sport Psychology

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

  • BSc Sport Science (Hons)

  • Training and frequent Continuous Professional Development in Explain Pain.

Professional Regulatory Bodies


Caroline is a:

  • British Psychological Society Chartered Practitioner Psychologist and Associate Fellow.

  • Registered Provider with the Health & Care Professional Council UK.

Private Insurance Provider


​Caroline is a registered mental health provider with numerous insurers, including: Axa, Aviva, Freedom Insurance, Healix, and WPA.

  • Her website (see below) has information of how to approach your insurer.

  • With another insurer? Email Caroline to get her up-to-date list.

Contact Caroline




Book: A free, online ‘Can I Help You?’ chat


Website: for more support info, booking links, case-studies and blogs.

Instagram: @injuryandpainpsychology for pain-related tips and info.

Videos by Caroline

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